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We have been telling our clients' stories for 27 years. The center of each of them is a brand for which we tailor communication strategies. We can take care of its image, character and recognition. We are a brand care agency. We provide everything that both brands that are entering the market and those that have been present on it for years need. We bring added value to each project, which guarantees effectiveness even in the area of impossible things.


The Media Forum team consists of specialists with high competences. We are able to use all available PR and marketing tools to achieve the results expected by the client. We cooperate with professionals awarded in global advertising competitions, who together form a team for special tasks, ready to take up your challenge.

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   About us   

Our priority - added value for the customer. We know in which direction the business environment is heading and we translate our observations into real actions and effects. In this way, for 25 years we have already helped many companies and entrepreneurs who have entered a completely new level of development. We show that currently the most valuable capital is a sincere and natural dialogue with the target group. Developing such communication is possible only in cooperation with experienced specialists who are experts in their fields - e.g. public relations, crisis management, SEO, SEM or copywriting. It is thanks to the knowledge of these areas that Media Forum represents the highest level of services provided. What does Polish business need? Communication support at the highest level.


Trust, Efficiency, Commitment and Passion
– these are our most important values

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Brand Care Agency

Our services    

Good relations with the media are one of the core values of the brand, which is why we care about maintaining and developing them. We try to ensure that journalists are reliably informed about new products and services of our clients. We know journalists, and most importantly, they know us. Thanks to this, we are effective and the effects of our work are quickly visible. We specialize in both corporate and product communication. We carry out consumer campaigns, but also expert B2B activities in the field of many industries, starting from the construction industry and ending with the automotive industry.


We care about the reputation of Polish and international companies and brands. We offer services that take into account an individual approach to each client, his needs, goals and capabilities. 


We implement one-time projects and permanent, long-term activities at the level of internal communication for institutions, companies and production plants. 


We conduct effective product activities, which result in the constant presence of our clients' products in all types of media. We know the trends and communication needs of the brands we work for. 


We implement comprehensive activities and strategies to prevent situations that are difficult to communicate with the media and the business environment. We prepare companies and institutions for scenarios requiring quick and effective action. 


We conduct effective image-building activities, which result in building or improving the image and constant presence of clients in all types of media.


Our strategic department is made up of experts for whom mathematics is the queen of sciences. We work together with research houses, thanks to which our strategies are supported by specific numbers. We create comprehensive analyses, study trends, the target group and how they perceive the brand. All this to plan the most effective actions for your brand that will bring the expected results.


Media Forum's team of digital experts can use all available online tools to create an effective online campaign. The ads we create in Google Ads and Google Display Network maximize results and minimize costs through testing and regular optimization. This is a good complement to social media and e-PR activities, thanks to which millions of recipients will get to know your brand.


We are present where the target group of the brand is. We work with real, active users of social media accounts. Thanks to their help, we cleverly manage communication, promote the brand and react in real time to content appearing on the Internet. It is an inseparable element of effective marketing campaigns and a way to gain an advantage over the competition.



This is one of the most important marketing-mix points for your brand, which at Media Forum we can take care of from A to Z. We adjust the channel and nature of the message to the specifics of the company, industry and target group. In this way, we propose only actions that bring results. We run company and personal profiles of the management staff, create professional content, react in real time to events around us. We supplement our organic activity with well-thought-out campaigns that will allow us to reach an even wider audience.



The website is the basic point of contact in the virtual reality of a person and a brand. Preparing it so that it fits into the current visual and technological trends can be a challenge, but not with the help of the Media Forum team. We carry out comprehensive audits, provide technical support, modernize existing or create completely new websites.


Based on the prepared strategy, we implement its stages one by one: we prepare communication, advertising, competitions, we take on the moderation of conversations, cooperation with Influencers and creating non-standard activities that increase the involvement of fans. Thanks to a properly planned strategy, we set measurable goals, select the right tools, monitor and act non-stop, according to the plan.


How they see you is how they write you, so let's take care of your brand's visual identity together. Our creative department prepares all its elements - from the logotype, through the brand book, to company materials. We precede the work with an in-depth analysis so that the effects not only meet your expectations, but above all support effective marketing communication.



There is no better business card than a satisfied employee. We work with HR departments to develop the right strategy to support the image of a good employer. We conduct recruitment marketing and support clients in communication with employees through internal initiatives such as intranet or newsletters.


We create strategies of communication plans for individual investor groups. We develop the company's information policy and plan and execute information campaigns. In addition, we actively participate in dialogue with individual investors using various communication channels. We build an attractive equity story for the company.

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Since 1997 we have been developing and gaining new experience. We are constantly looking for new challenges, learning and growing together with our clients. We are constantly looking for new goals. We know our strengths. We approach new tasks with commitment, and we treat each client individually.